What is Risk Management on Projects?

What is Risk Management on Projects? Project risk management is the process of identifying, analyzing and then responding  to any risk that arises over the life cycle of a project to help the project remain  on track and meet its goal. Risk management isn’t reactive only; it should be part of the planning process to […]

Change Management in Project Management

CHANGE MANAGEMENT IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT Change management is the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcome. Change management incorporates the organizational tools that can be utilized to help individuals make successful personal transitions resulting in the adoption and realization of change. The Goal of Change: […]

Communication Management in Project Management

COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT Communications management is the key to project control; the essential element of project management. Without the benefit of a good communications management system, the processes involved in the development of a project from conception to completion can be seriously constrained. Communications management provides the vital project integrity required to provide an information lifeline […]


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project management is the method for the planning, organization, collaboration, evaluation, and control of resources necessary to achieve one or several objectives. Some basic concepts for the management of adequate and effective projects, with which to obtain benefits with the minimum investments. And in the end, what […]