Charatered Institute of Project Management, Ghana

Technicians Examinations:- Certified Project Management Technicians (CPMT) Examination

The CPMT examination is intended for those persons who wish to qualify and work as a technicians in the specialized field of contract and project management.

The Certified Project Management Technician (CPMT) Certificate Examination is held twice yearly in June and December. The examination is divided into two (2) levels of five (5) subjects each. The examination is for those students who wish to acquire certain essential skills which prepare them for a career as Chartered Project Management Professional, (Chartered PMP). The examination consists of the following subjects:

Certificate in Project Management
1. Introduction to Project Time Management
2. Introduction to Project Risk Management
3. Introduction to project Communication
4. Fundamental of Project Management
5. Introduction to Quality and Integration Management

Diploma in Project Management
6. Overview of Project proposal
7. Project Monitoring Strategies
8. Project Closure and Handover
9. Project Change Management
10. Project management Thesis/Case Study


Certificate in Project Management

Diploma in Project Management