Charatered Institute of Project Management, Ghana

How to become a member

Successfully Complete the Chartered Institute of Project Management (CIPM) Examinations.

Download or pick application forms from any CIPM office Help desk and pay a none refundable fee:
– Application Form:  $35 USD
– Student Registration Fees:  $60 USD
– Annual Subscription Fee:  $15 USD

For the details about the examinations please visit the link below:
Click here to download Student application forms

Benefits of being a Member

The benefits of membership include;Right to use of the PMT, ACIPM , FCIPM and CPMP designation.

Linkages with other professional bodies in Ghana and elsewhere.
Free copies of the Institute’s journal ‘The Project Manager’ and the electronic bulletin the e-connect
Access to technical support on professional matters.
Access to leading edge knowledge in your field of specialization through our Continuing Professional Education programmes.
Affiliation through CIPM to international bodies such as the International Federation of Project Association (IFPA) and so on.
Access to our library resources in both electronic and conventional form. The latter includes books, journals and videotape material.
Discounted rates at the CIPM workshop, our conference and facilities, situated within an environment conducive for both business and relaxation.
Eligibility to join our affiliated professional institutions.
Access to value-adding services that include career helpline and discounted rates with selected service providers.

Membership Fees

Membership Fees; In order to become a member, one needs to pay the following fees;

Membership is tailored to match your level of skill,competence and experience. For those who are starters in a career or have been working in project management for some period, there is a level of membership to suit you:

1. Student/Affiliate/Project Management Technicians
2. Associate Membership
3. Chartered Membership
4. Fellow Membership
5. Doctoral Fellow Member
6. Corporate Membership

This is a new category meant to take care of prospective members who do not yet have experience or are not yet employed.

Application Form :- $35 USD
Student Membership Entrance fee :- $60 USD
Annual fees :-  $15 USD
All fees are paid up front.

2. Associate Membership (ACIPM)Fee:
Application Fee:- $35 USD
Membership Entrance fee:- $300 USD
Annual Subscription Fee:-  $20 USD

3. Chartered  Member (MCIPM) Fee:
Application Fee: – $35 USD
Membership Entrance fee: – $400 USD
Annual Subscription Fee: – $30 USD

4. Fellow Membership (FCIPM) Fee :
Application Fee: – $35 USD
Membership Entrance fee: – $450 USD
Annual Subscription Fee: – $40 USD

5. Doctoral Fellow Membership (Dr. FCIPM) Fee:
Application Fee: – $35 USD
Membership Entrance fee: – $600 USD
Annual Subscription Fee: – $50 USD

Thinking of joining?

The Chartered Institute of Project Management (CIPM) is a professional training and educational institute providing leading edge in project management training and consultancy services in Ghana and beyond. CIPM operates the ‘Chartered Project Management Professionals’ (CPMP) a network of membership open to individuals and corporate organisations interested in project management. Once registered members will be able to participate at discounted costs in various CIPM’s organised activities such as: seminars, conferences, workshops. CIPM main objective is to promote project management best practices in Ghana and beyond.

You are encouraged to become a Chartered PMP member and participate in our activities. Please give us any feedback by emailing:
Anyone who is actively involved in, or sufficiently interested in the knowledge and application skills of Project Management can become a member in the individual, corporate or student category.